A rock show in December is a lot like Christmas in December; it just happens. No rock show is complete without a dubious amount of cheer. Thankfully Ice Nine Kills, Memphis May Fire, and the hometown heroes in Atreyu brought in the holidays right with one hell of a night at the House of Blues in Anaheim, CA.

The night officially kicked off with Sleep Signals, a metal band from Minneapolis, MN. Founded in 2013, the band is quickly rising through the ranks of rock music. Expect big things to come from Sleep Signals in 2019.

Ice Nine Kills, the fivesome of ghoul-playing maniacs quickly took the stage following the opener. Fronted by Spencer Charnas, the Boston, MA-based band have had a monster year. From touring on the final Warped Tour to releasing their most successful album to date, ‘The Silver Scream‘, the band has been on a terror. Starting with the track “The American Nightmare”, the band quickly engaged the audience in an all-out free-for-all. Moshing, dancing, hand swinging was seen all over the venue’s floor.

Each member of the band is dressed to look like a horror villain from the movies. For example, bassist Justin Morrow was Saw, lead guitarist JD was Jason from Friday the 13th, and the list goes on.

During one point in the set, Spencer took to the audience and had them hold him up by his feet. The audience held him for a few moments until he fell into the sea of fans and crowd surfed back to the front.

Keeping with the holiday cheer, the band performed their Christmas singalong, “Merry Axe-Mas”, which prompted Spencer to put on a Santa hat.

All in all, their set was nearly flawless and engaged the entire floor at House of Blues – Anaheim.

Memphis May Fire, a familiar face in the metalcore scene, was next up on the bill. Comprised of Matty Mullins, Kellen McGregor, Cory Elder, and Jake Garland the foursome have been creating hits for nearly a decade.

The band started out with “Sever the Ties” and “Prove Me Right”, two crowd favorites. Lead singer Matty Mullin’s vocals were infectious, causing a monsoon of fans to sing-along with the ever-so-friendly ginger.

“The Old Me” and “Stay The Course” were also in the band’s setlist. Bassist Cory Elder could be seen singing his heart out on both tracks. It looks like the veins in his neck were about to burst into the air. Nevertheless, no bursting happened, just solid rock music.

Memphis May Fire closed their night with one of their most played songs, “The Sinner”, a track from the album ‘The Hollow” and “Vices”.

For headliner Atreyu, performing at the House of Blues – Anaheim was a hometown show. Seen throughout the audience were Atreyu shirts, hats, etc. The fans were ecstatic to view their friendly rock and roll heroes. The band began their set with “In Our Wake”, the title track off their latest album with the same name.

Shortly after their first three minutes on stage, Atreyu went into fan favorites “Becoming the Bull” and “Right Side of the Bed”. Both songs caused an outpouring of moshing, headbanging, and other metal-head types of shenanigans.

During the track “Bleeding Mascara” singer Spencer Charnas from Ice Nine Kills came up to sing along, proving how big of a fan of Atreyu he really was.

The band ended their set with “Blow” before being quickly called back onto the stage for a much-deserved encore. “Never Gonna Give You Up”, a Rick Astley cover was performed by Dan and Brandon. Quickly after Dan gave out the award for the best fan. “You Give Love a Bad Name” followed, a cover by Bon Jovi. Finally, the ending song of the night was “Lip Gloss and Black” which was helped along by singer Matty Mullins from Memphis May Fire.

Nothing beats a hometown show. Atreyu yet again showcased to their adoring fans, both across the nation and at their home in the OC that they’re still alive and still rocking.





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