With their silver masks and unknown identities, the duo known only as ATLiens has released their latest single, “Interstellar”, featuring Sara Skinner, and it’s in sync with the experimental, funky, bass music that fans have come to expect.

With its soft piano opening, the song lulls you into a false sense of security. Skinner begins to sing with a soft, caressing voice as the beat picks up, synths intrude, and a sick drum beat kicks in before the song drops and the bass picks up, breaking down in an almost off but satisfying way. The song returns to a brief moment of calm before returning the listener to the bass drop, throwing you out into space with no safety line.

Listen to “Interstellar (feat. Sara Skinner) below:

“Interstellar” is supposedly the first single off their upcoming EP ‘Invasion’, but there is very little information out there on this extremely mysterious duo. When Invasion does hit earth’s sound waves, expect an intergalactic space thriller with a lot of intense and interesting bass.

Discover ATLiens: SoundCloud | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram


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