Assuming We Survive

Assuming We Survive

If you were at The Glass House Saturday night hopefully, you got there early and caught all of the bands that were performing prior to Assuming We Survive’s epic show. The lineup was solid, and every band brought a unique vibe to the venue.

First of the night was Swedish alt duo Riot Child. Alice and Amanda kicked off the night with a short but amazing set that left the audience wanting more. By the cheers and the number of people that were there early to see them, it was evident that they already have a solid following, but after talking to some people in the crowd after their performance, it’s clear that they gained quite a few new fans that night. Despite only having two people on stage, their stage presence was impressive. Make sure to keep an eye out for Riot Child in the future — you’re sure to be seeing a lot of them.

Next up was local Los Angeles band Fyke. Having never heard of them before, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I thoroughly enjoyed their set. There was something hauntingly beautiful about their sound, and I know I’ll be listening to more of their music in the future.

Cromwell played next, and this was a treat, as it’s been a few years since they’ve played a show, and their fans were out in full force supporting the band. The crowd was treated to a bit of a teaser for later in the night when Cromwell brought out Adrian from Assuming We Survive to perform them on stage.

Hell or Highwater

Hell or Highwater was next, and by this time The Glass House was completely full and ready to go. Frontman Brandon Saller sang the first couple of songs from the stage, but then he went into the crowd and sang from all over the venue. Those that were in the back had a chance to have a front row experience as Seller joined in with the crowd and immersed himself in the audience. The energy didn’t die down, and the crowd was engaged and enthusiastic through the whole set.

Finally, Assuming We Survive took the stage. The anticipation had been building all night, and just like the smoke cannons in the front, the crowd erupted upon the first notes. Frontman Adrian Estrella, with his radiant smile, produced an infectious energy that everyone, even those in the back latched onto, and suddenly everyone was moving. As the crowd sang along to “Home is Where the Heart Is” and they didn’t stop until the house lights came back on at the end of the night. With a 17-song setlist, the crowd was treated to a fantastic night full of music, complete with true crowd surfing as Adrian rode through the crowd on a surfboard. Saturday night at the Glass House was epic, so make sure you catch Assuming We Survive next time they’re in town!



Hell or Highwater







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