British metalcore band Architects released their seventh studio album All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us through Epitaph Records in May and have been making big waves. Selling out the Roxy in Los Angeles, Architects, Stray From The Path, and Make Them Suffer put on a fantastic show.

Stray From The Path

Stray From The Path had some of the craziest moshing and crowd surfing I’ve ever seen. Before the final song, vocalist Drew Dijorio asked the crowd for 25 crowd surfers, which they well surpassed. Stray From The Path is definitely a band to keep your eye on in the future!

Once Architects started playing, the level of heat skyrocketed from a warm summer day to a sauna set on fire. Fans went absolutely crazy and were jumping on and off the stage, continuously crowd surfing. But amidst all the chaos and fun, Architects slowed things down to pay tribute to their fallen member, Tom Searle who passed away from cancer this past August. It was a very raw and emotional moment inside the Roxy but there was nothing but love for Tom, his brother Dan, and the rest of the band.


Architects brought the energy back up and continued to play some of the hits off their new record All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us. The crowd surfing intensified and this brought the temperature back up to a molten magma-like atmosphere. Massive mosh pits opened up inside the venue where fans moshed, danced, and moved like crazy. The band thanked their label Epitaph Records and their fans for their support during these dark times and concluded their set with two real head-banging songs. I’m not going to tell you which songs they played, but trust me when I say it was truly a magnificent sight to see and hear.

While the band doesn’t know if they’ll continue without their buddy Tom, I truly hope they do. Their music is incredible and I would be very sad to see them go. Make sure you catch them on tour ASAP and pick up their new record All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us on iTunes.


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