Arcade Fire drops surprise new single featuring Mavis Staples


Will Butler and the rest of his Montreal cohorts in Arcade Fire treated their adoring audience with a surprise single today. “I Give You Power” features slinky synths and the sultry vocals of Mavis Staples. Mavis Staples was the voice behind Stax smash hit makers The Staples Singers and lead their traditional gospel sound into protest music into the 60’s.

There is no word on whether the song comes from Arcade Fire’s upcoming album, due out sometime this Spring, but it definitely mines the same spirit that brought The Staples Singers to the forefront of Civil Rights movement. The new track is anchored by a deep distorted bass line and Will and Mavis alternate verses until a pipe organ is layered in and the refrain is sung in call and response. The synths build in intensity as the bass line takes over.

Arcade Fire hasn’t released an album since 2013’s Reflektor, but they have hinted that the new album is coming this year. No hard date has been set, but if this is their new direction, it is going to be worth the wait.

Watch the video below:


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