Amon Amarth

Amon Amarth wrapped up their massive North American tour supporting their new album Berserker, at The Hollywood Palladium last weekend. This tour was actually a Swedish invasion of sorts, featuring melodic death metal all-stars like Arch Enemy and At The Gates supporting the legendary Viking headliners, Amon Amarth. Naturally, this final date of the tour was a giant sold-out gig, and since it took place the weekend before Halloween, the venue was packed with people in costumes and Viking attire.

At The Gates just started ripping into their iconic Slaughter Of The Soul banger “Blinded By Fear” as we arrived on the scene. This is the song that launched a thousand metalcore bands in the early 2000s and it still gets bodies moving on the floor like nothing else.

Arch Enemy had the daunting task of following the Gothenberg titans onstage but these Swedish metal overlords had an ace up their sleeve…they just so happen to be one of the most electrifying metal bands on the planet! Arch Enemy have the songs, the musical chops, and a hell of frontwoman in Alissa White-Gluz, that enable them to dazzle crowds with ease. The band played fan favorites like “War Eternal” “Nemesis” and the old school “Ravenous” alongside recent jams from their last album, 2017’s Will To Power.

When you’ve got Mike Amott and Jeff Loomis shredding their hearts out and Alissa jumping around the stage like a madwoman, it’s really really hard to outshine Arch Enemy in concert.

Luckily for Amon Amarth, they unleashed the hottest [literally!] metal show this author has ever experienced. Vikings are supposed to be icy warriors but Amon Amarth went full Ragnorak inside the Palladium and unleashed a seemingly endless barrage of stage pyrotechnics. The band opened with “Raven’s Flight” off their new album Berserker, and the sold-out crowd inside the venue went nuts.

The sea of die-hard melodic death metal fans were rewarded by Amon Amarth with a special treat, the band played their classic song “Death In Fire” for the first and only time of the entire tour. This was a super appropriate track to play given the massive walls of flames shooting from the stage all night.

How the members of the band didn’t accidentally incinerate themselves like James Hetfield up there is absolutely mind-boggling. Between the mountains of fire, the giant inflatable serpents, Viking warriors in full battle regalia, and the giant friggin’ helmet the band played in front of, it’s safe to say that Amon Amarth’s stage show is completely unmatched, next-level stuff as far as extreme metal goes.

Watch out for this band, they have been ripping up the underground for over twenty years, but at this rate, Amon Amarth is going to be decimating arenas near you in the foreseeable future.


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