The weekend got a head start last week at the beautiful Wiltern in Los Angeles. Alexisonfire packed the theatre for two consecutive mid-week nights for their first local shows in nearly a decade. The band had formerly broken up in 2011 and just this February, released a new single “Familiar Drugs”. With only a handful of shows announced, we feel very privileged to have witnessed the reunion.

Lights dimmed and the post-hardcore five-piece anxiously took the stage. The crowd went absolutely nuts! The energy was pretty outstanding from my experience at highly anticipated shows.

With no time to waste they kicked the set off with “Accidents” off their 2004 sophomore record ‘Watch Out!’ The crowd more than stirred out of the wild excitement to see one of their favorite bands from years ago. Comprised of vocalist George Pettit, vocalists/guitarists Wade MacNeil and Dallas Green, bassist Chris Steele, and drummer Jordan Hastings – Alexisonfire is keeping the bromance alive. The apparent connection these guys have is uncanny.

The set carried on with an insane collection of hits off each record. After 17 songs, the band happily answered the audience’s prayers and came out for an even heavier encore. The crowd cheered for the Canadian natives, “Let’s Go Raptors!” The band played three more songs before bidding us ado: “Little Girls Pointing and Laughing”, “Young Cardinals” and “Happiness By The Kilowatt”.

I feel like we couldn’t have asked for anything more from our guys, aside from a possible massage appointment for the neck pain that ensued following the brutal head bobbing for the two-hour long show. I can’t be the only one! It’s unknown if we can expect an EP or full-length album from Alexisonfire but either way I think we can be happy with the memory of this show we won’t soon be forgetting.




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