Album Review: Perpetual Groove – ‘Familiar Stare’


Perpetual Groove has finally produced a new batch of singles, comprised on the EP Familiar Stare released this August with four new tracks. Over the past several years, the group has released B-sides and live releases to fans who received them with immense joy. Especially in light of the bands’ indefinite hiatus which has since passed, the return of the classic PGroove lineup of Butler/McDonald/Perry/Suttle along with fresh tracks was a tantalizing prospect…McDonald returning to play keys after time off to focus on family. John Hruby performed admirably for about five years in his stead and kept the PGroove live jams churning. This release is the first time those four members played together on a new release since 2007’s Live Love Die, as McDonald has been back touring with the group since early 2012 but the tours had been sparse given the uncertain status of the band at the time (which has since cleared up).

"Perpetual Groove Performs at the State Theatre St Petersburg on August 1, 2015"

Familiar Stare gives a taste of what I hope and feel will be fruitful years to come from this quartet. There are clear influences from the group’s oldest available album, Sweet Oblivious Antidote but the transformation from the band they were a decade ago is incredibly evident. The southern jam-rock influence has been toned down and complimented with guitarist Brock Butler’s beautiful talent which shines uniquely on each track of this twenty-two minute release. His lyrics and voice are more poignant than ever, showcasing the incredible talent he displays to construct a masterpiece of a song using a myriad of pedals, effects, and loops to accentuate the themes. Butler does not overshadow the other members of the band, McDonald and Perry (bass) contribute exceptionally and just is another example of the impressive evolution of PGroove songs (which is not an easy thing, as 2004’s All This Everything is a masterpiece) but one listen of “Holy Ship” has me on the edge of my seat to see what this band has in store for the future.

"Perpetual Groove Performs at the State Theatre St Petersburg on August 1, 2015"

Perpetual Groove has just started their fall tour across the Mid-Atlantic/Northeast and will hit most of the country east of the Mississippi but also make stops for 7 shows between Colorado and Texas. The band has also announced a hometown three night New Years run at Terminal West in Atlanta, GA.

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