Kemper Sisters

Kemper Sisters

Kemper Sisters new album ‘Flower’ has achieved the perfect balance. Between their inventive and progressive writing mixed with their production choices, they have still achieved that familiar comfort of current sounds.

As soon as I turned it on, I got that ethereal ghosty vibe with the layered octaves and reverb in the vocal production. That, paired with the equestrian digital synths in their first song, “Stranger”, had me hooked immediately. The complimenting of the sweet and dreamy alternative 70’s inspired singing and melodies in some songs like that one, and breathy and powerful jazz-inspired vocals in others like their second song, “Flower”, urged me to commit to laying on my living room floor with my eyes closed. Just… starfishing. Fully feeling like I just popped a couple of ludes. Sorry neighbors. I’m in the labyrinth toNIGHT!

The chords are uplifting, happy, and emotional with moments of minor eerie underlying darkness. The drums really determine what the mood and special energy of the song are all about but the multitude of light breezy layers in all of the songs keep their brand consistent.

However, as the album continues, it gets weirder and the lyrics, melodies, and rhythms get weirder and more interesting. Listening to the album feels kind of like being lured into another magical dimension in slow motion. For me, the song Endless Vacation might be my favorite. It’s the last song and it sounds the way a painting of Alice In Wonderland by Salvador Dali would look.

The lyrics teeter between theatrical and a bit abstract-poetic with their vague topics of love, imagery, and references.

The journey through this classically trained group’s album is for sure a vibe and a half.

To purchase the EP, click HERE!


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