Album Review: Green Day – ‘Revolution Radio’


2016 marks the thirtieth year for legendary punk rock trio Green Day. Not many bands can ever claim prominence for more than a few years, let alone three decades. This is a band that clearly knows their own style, and Revolution Radio exemplifies the high-quality product Green Day has been releasing with consistency for 30 years.

This record plays out like a 12 song progression through the history of Green Day’s sound. The first section delivers that fast-pace they excelled at throughout the likes of Dookie and Nimrod. The second section is much more theatrical and ideological, akin to the more recent Demolicious or 21st Century Breakdown.

The first half of this album is far and away my favorite part. “Bang Bang”, “Revolutionary Radio”, and “Bouncing off the Walls”,  gave me the beautifully controlled chaos that defined early Greenday. Those songs were fevered, frantic, sarcastic, and playful. Had Revolutionary Radio‘s second half kept that up it would be my favorite rock album of the year.

Starting with track seven that tone comes down a little and Green Day sounds like the more adult and politicized band they’ve become. Topics of social justice are wrought throughout the second half and more than one track come dangerously close to sounding preachy. Billie Joe Armstong, Tre Cool, and Mike Durnt have every right to use their platform to actually say something meaningful and socially relevant to their listeners. It’s just not as much fun to listen too.

Even so, considering how long Green Day has been at it, putting out yet another record as listenable as Revolutionary Radio is impressive. They managed to give me multiple old-school style Greenday songs that I loved, and an album people can listen to repeatedly from start to finish. No revolution needed as far as I’m concerned, The Kings of punk rock are doing just fine.

Green Day just recently announced a tour with Against Me! For dates and ticket information, click here!


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