Album Review: Gone Is Gone – ‘Echolocation’


As 2017 peeks its innocent head into the world, many wonder what the new year will bring. Thoughts of riches and better health customarily come to mind yet are often overshadowed by items that offer immediate gratification, such as purchasing a new car or discovering news of one’s favorite band releasing fresh material. 2017 will certainly have its ups and downs (as did its predecessor) but for now the vibe is “thumbs up” and music, not negativity, is being created and delivered.

Our second review of 2017 comes from Los Angeles-based band Gone Is Gone. Constructed in the year prior, the band includes guitarist Troy Van Leeuwen of Queens of the Stone Age, vocalist and bassist Troy Sanders of Mastodon, drummer Tony Hajjar of At the Drive-In, and Sencit Music founder Mike Zarin. It’s safe to say the group’s members have a proven track record of success, combined together to sell millions of albums with the aforementioned bands.

Their self-titled EP Gone Is Gone was released last summer and garnered favorable reviews, enough to push the band to record their first full-length album titled Echolocation. The twelve-track LP begins with a spacey track titled “Sentient” where the lyrics are soft and outwardly, murmuring, “Look into the sky. Knowing of the answer. All of us collide.” Along with the lyrics, the song is accompanied by earthy bass. Roughly halfway through the song, the wavelengths begin to shake and the sound of a guitar, bass, and drums come crashing in. The second track “Grit” begins with well-devised instrumentals. The guitar and overall feel in “Grit” are undoubtedly generated by guitarist Van Leeuwen – fans of Queens of the Stone Age will be listening to this track on repeat. “Resurge” is the third song on the album and almost sounds like an extension of the previous track. Track 4 is titled “Dublin” and is gentle to start with what sounds like a woman’s voice overlayed with Sander’s raspy, hardened vocals. “Ornament” comes in hot with Sanders singing in a high octave accompanied by Van Leeuwen’s dynamic, forceful guitar riffs. Track 6, “Pawns”, is one of the albums best – don’t skip it, repeat it. “Roads” beings with a dark, oscillated bass and gradually picks up, becoming a massive piece of music. The tracks “Slow Awakening” and “Fast Awakening” uphold their respected track’s name – both songs are practically identical, except for the tempo and a few other tiny facets. “Resolve” doesn’t seem to fit with the rest of the album – it’s mislaid in its delivery and confuses the listener.

Gone Is Gone’s Echolocation gives its audience a flavorful sonic experience. Although some of the tracks feel weathered or misplaced, the album as a whole seems honest and pure, rooted in its member’s musical talents.

Echolocation is now available everywhere, including iTunes and Amazon. The band will be at the Troubadour this evening for the album’s release show. Doors open at 8PM with the show starting promptly at 8:30PM. Glaare is direct support for the evening. Tickets are still available. To purchase tickets, click here.


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