Album Review: Fenech-Soler – ‘Zilla’


After a 4-year hiatus from a studio album, Fenech-Soler does a bang-up job on their triumphant return with the latest and greatest, Zilla. With eleven electric tracks to groove to, this English duo takes you on a journey you won’t be disappointed in. From front to back, this album had me feeling like the Weeknd just made love to me in the form of Electropop.

“Kaleidoscope,” Fenech-Soler’s first single off of the album, kicks off a multiple song, undeniable dance party. If boogieing down and around in your underwear is your thing, much like it is mine, these songs are what your Saturday night prep is missing.

Once you hit track five and six, “Zilla I” and “Grace,” you’re taken down an Alice in Wonderland rabbit hole where you start to question who you are as a person, your job and the babe you adore so much. The guitar, varying drums and synthesizer are a perfect recipe for the most raging and calmest beat drops I have ever heard. This phase will leave an aftertaste on your tongue, wondering how something so calm can you enrage you so much. After you have vacated your intricate self-awareness stage, you will have yourself some true to moment music to fall in love to. You’re daydreaming about picnics next to the Golden Gate Bridge on track seven and eight, “Cold Light” and “Undercover.”

Zilla closes with the way it opened, a celebration of life in the form of dance. You’re blessed with three tracks to help commemorate the love you just found yourself starving for. I never deny myself a dance party, and this album is no exception. Currently on my 4th listen with zero sign of slowing down anytime soon. To sleep on this band or album should be considered a sin.

Zilla is now available from SO Recordings on multiple formats including vinyl, CD, and digital download. Streaming services such as iTunes and Spotify also are carrying the new album.

This just in: Fenech-Soler will be hosting an album release party for Zilla tonight from 7P-10P at the Record Parlor in Hollywood! RSVP to for FREE TICKETS!

Fenech-Soler has an upcoming tour slated to begin in the UK on February 24th and wraps up on March 16th in Switzerland. For a complete list of tour dates, click here!


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