Fake Names

Fake Names

The explosive punk/power-pop band Fake Names has their self-titled debut album ‘Fake Names’ on the way releasing on May 8th, ready for those seeking music during these trying times.

The band is signed to Epitaph Records and is an ensemble of members from other bands such as guitarist Brian Baker of Minor Threat and Bad Religion, guitarist Michael Hampton of S.O.A, bassist Johnny Temple of Girls Against Boys, and the powerful voice of the group Dennis Lyxzén of INVSN.

This punk-inspired supergroup formed in 2016 after the guitar duo met for a jam session and decided to form the group. They then recruited the other members Johnny Temple, a friend of their past, and singer Dennis Lyxzén after catching a performance at Riot Fest. The ten-track album was produced by Geoff Sanoff at Renegade Studios in New York and is captivating from start to finish with its powerful heavy riffs and driving drum and bass.

Right out of the gates the album begins with the track “All For Sale” which immediately sets the tone of the next nine songs. The electrifying riffs surge at the beginning of the tune and jump right into Dennis’ gritty yet charming verse. The guitar harmonies during the chorus show the chemistry between guitarists Brian Baker and Michael Hampton who have been good friends since the first grade. Their intertwining riffs provide a pleasing counter-melody to Dennis’ catchy chorus.

The next two tracks on the album follow the lead of the first track and have the same theme of heavily distorted riffs and a memorable guitar leads sprinkled throughout the tunes. The fourth song of the album “Brick” which is one of the three singles they released, follows traditional punk standards of short length, aggressiveness in the vocals, and a synchronized drum and bass driving the tempo. This song definitely will be when the pit opens up at their live shows so get ready to thrash when “Brick” appears on their setlist.

The sixth tune “Heavy Feather” begins with a unique synth-like guitar tone that immediately catches the ear. The vocals maintain the same grit and aggression as the other tracks on the album yet are backed by melodic tasteful backup vocals from the other band members. The solo section is short, sweet and to the point and bridges back to the intro riff with ease. This is one of the memorable songs off the album. The songs “First Everlasting” and “This is Nothing” are very similar in tempo and in the sense they both have extremely catchy chorus sections that will leave you humming the melody and singing the lyrics by the end of the song. “First Everlasting” is also one of the singles available now on streaming platforms. While other songs on the album are centered around the guitar riffs, these two tracks are centered around the vocals which shows Dennis Lyxzés vocal range and how dynamic he can be. The ninth song “Weight” begins with distorted riffs that then evolve into a melancholy breakdown that ties the song together.

The final track on the album “Lost Cause” pays homage to their punk roots and can provide insight into the influences the band members have. “Lost Cause” provides a perfect bookend to a very well produced debut album. Fake Names drops their self-titled debut album May 8th and is sure to rattle some cages with their explosive energy.

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