Album Review: Dryjacket – ‘For Posterity’


Before I dive into my thoughts on this record, allow me to preface this review with For Posterity by Dryjacket is one of the best records that not only has got 2017 off to a great start, but this will be a record that we will talk about for years to come.

Ok, now with the verdict behind us, here is how I arrived at this place. Through the sonic soundscape of a record, a band has several responsibilities (at least for me). The record from start to end must have an appropriate flow to it with a range of tempo in the songs that take you through the peaks and valleys of the writing process, this record has that. It must also allow the audience a window to glimpse into the souls of the players and the singer through the lyrics, comprehensively and convincingly, this is achieved through impressive musical intricacies and syncopation. Lastly, the record must be able to play from the first track to the last without losing you and undoubtedly the 11 track, 33-minute record accomplishes this feat.

There is another element that is present with For Posterity that is beyond the on-the-surface approach to enjoying a new record, this collection of songs challenge the listener. For the most part, we listen to music while we do something else, which is fine, we all have a hundred different things to do; however, I believe in sitting down and giving the music some undivided attention. These songs were written with the expressed purpose of being listened to and that’s exactly what I did.

With flares of horns throughout the whole album, a gradient blend of attacks and textures with the tones of the guitars tracked and the rhythm section adding fun, tight pocket grooves, these songs take you through ride keeps you engaged and wanting more. In addition to the musicality, the lyrical approach is refreshing as we hear stories and memories recalled. The phrasing and hooks are not typical, but not so atypical that it loses you, they are perfectly delivered. The songs have their own personality while having a Dryjacket feel to each of them. I’ve been a long time fan of Jawbreaker, The Promise Ring, Sunny Day Real Estate and Death Cab For Cutie. The one thing those bands all have in common is my high school years (I’m dating myself here but it was 1998-2002). It is exciting to hear a band release a new record with hints of this traditional early emo music, all the while appealing to droves of today’s’ show goers.

Fresh off of their tour with the exiting veterans Yellowcard, Dryjacket is currently touring this full-length record on Hopeless Records I’m sure we will be seeing a lot of them. Just recently announced, they will have a short run with Aaron West just before they head over to the UK with The Early November this spring. I strongly urge that anyone who has not yet listened to this record, to give it a spin. Additionally and lastly, if they’re coming to a city within earshot, do yourself a favor and watch these songs played out live. I was fortunate enough to catch their set on the Yellowcard tour and I was instantly a fan.

To purchase For Posterity, click here! For tour dates as well as ticket information, click here!


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