Circa Waves

Circa Waves

Circa Waves have released a new acoustic EP titled ‘Sadder, Happier‘. This EP is something musicians of all genres have been waiting for. The songs are all incredible on their own, but they are dynamically different as individual products, that you’d almost never know it was the same band, and for sure not know it’s all part of the same project.

Circa Waves’ new acoustic version of “Sad Happy” is the magic spell that can dissolve a panic attack. On the music video, their retro 70s inspired film editing, and the obscure visuals keep you on your toes waiting for what’s next, while the music lulls you into a calm “sad happy” mood. The effortlessness of the acoustic guitar is hypnotizing and the overall quietness of the song draws attention inward to the vulnerable lyrics. Wonderful job.

Watch the music video for “Sad Happy” below:

“Gun In My Hand” with the rich driving guitars and full sound is an entirely different mood, energy, and personality. As the second song on the EP it’s a bit of a shock factor when it comes on which is nice to break it up and keep things moving in a mixtape kind of way. “The Only One Who Lets Me In” has a “Here Comes The Sun” vibe that complements “Sad Happy” and grounds the EP bringing it back to give it a bit of consistency and definition in branding. “Sugar Side” feels like a Smashing Pumpkins vibe, and “Anti Social Anxiety” has kind of a spacier “Fear The Reaper” by Blue Oyster Cult meets something from The Beatles. It’s a fun, relaxing, and overall exceptionally grounded EP.

Stream ‘Sadder, Happier’ by clicking HERE!


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