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It is hard to believe that Absolute Valentine released Police Heartbreaker way back in 2016. He has toured the world in the subsequent years, soaking in all of the changes that the synthwave movement has gone through, and channeled them all into the new album through his own unique filter.

It is very fitting that the first song on the album is entitled “Ressurect” because it is a fantastic example of how Absolute Valentine has reinvented his sound. The song fully embraces the dark synth sounds of Justice, juxtaposing them against his retrowave past and embracing chillwave in the slower passages. All the while the song is filled with a propulsive beat, that drives it forward, announcing that Absolute Valentine is back.

The next two tracks “Panther” and “Spitfire” dive deep into the dark, and employ dancefloor sensibilities. Both tracks use heavily distorted vocal samples.  “Panther” starts out muted, building to the bass drop.

Once again, Absolute Valentine is telling a story through his music, and this time AV the supercop is turned against the corporation he once worked for. He must align himself with the people of the streets to overcome their evil oppressor Omega Corp. to restore unity to the city and get revenge for the death of his one true love.

“Paramount Glamour Myth” has an expansiveness that reminds the listener of some of Aphex Twin’s best music. A simple melody repeated over a soundfield that switches back and forth from dreamy whimsy to throbbing bass. “Omega” is an ominous metallic drone that gives way to pure 80’s synth. It is a great theme for the bad guys.

Absolute Valentine really shows his evolution on “Impossible,” a full-on ballad with vocals. This willingness to evolve and experiment will keep him on the forefront of the genre, and adding vocals is a way to breakthrough in a genre that is primarily all instrumental. The song is atmospheric and beautiful, dissolving into the sound of falling rain.

The album ends with the Carpenter-esque “Strange Hope” is a perfect denouement to the album, ending on an up note with the slightest hint that everything is not all well.

In Omega, Absolute Valentine has found a way to reinvent himself, putting his unique spin on all of the exciting subgenres of synthwave. His willingness to experiment by adding vocals to “The Impossible” gives him the possibility of breaking through in a genre that is primarily all instrumental.

Omega hits all streaming services on May 2nd. Be sure to preorder your copy here.

Be sure to read the GSM interview with Absolute Valentine here.

Watch the Omega Teaser trailer below:


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