With roots in the quaint city of Nelson, British Columbia comes Eden Samara, a singer/songwriter with the intent of making a lasting impression on music, globally.

Growing up, Samara immersed herself in musical theatre and eventually moved to Toronto to pursue her career as an actor, all the while writing music whenever she could. After an awe-inspiring trip to Europe, she fully dedicated herself to the creation of music.

On her debut single “Upside Down”, Samara is at the beginning of her love letter to life as an awkward 20-something in the digital age. Punchy synths with an endearing drum progression encompass the song’s inner energy along with Samara’s soon-to-be trademarked voice.

With her premiere via Sidewalk Hustle, Samara talks about the meaning behind the track:

“’Upside Down’ is about the frustration of being smitten with someone who can’t make up their mind how they feel about you. One day they’re ripping your clothes off, the next they’ve decided that they are no longer interested… then they change their mind again and the cycle keeps repeating itself in a merry-go-round of lust and confusion.

I think we can all relate to that feeling of allowing yourself to be totally played by someone who only shows interest in you when it’s convenient for them.”

Listen to “Upside Down” below:


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