Taking Back Sunday
Photo: Shelby Cipolla

There’s nothing quite like seeing a show at the Wiltern. Situated on the corner of Wilshire and Western in downtown Los Angeles, the theatre boasts vibrant art deco from the 30’s. The venue’s marquee is reminiscent of old Hollywood with all it’s glorified neon and a meticulous attention to detail. Yet inside is where the real magic transpires. On July 29th, Taking Back Sunday, Every Time I Die, and Modern Chemistry rolled into a theatre filled with allurement to deliver their own dose of fascination.

Although Modern Chemistry is the tour’s opening act, the group hailing out of New Brunswick should make the transition to headlining in no time. With their witty remarks between songs and their willingness to accept audience participation, the band provided a set that was tight yet incredibly candid. The band performed tracks off the album, Everything In Gold including “The Moment” and “Everything in Gold”. The album was produced by Taking Back Sunday’s frontman Adam Lazzara. Read our interview with Modern Chemistry!

Every Time I Die

Quickly following Modern Chemistry’s set was the loud, rugged, and incredibly concentrated fivesome, Every Time I Die. Hailing out of Buffalo, NY, Every Time I Die formed in 1998 (with the suspected aid of Labatt Blue, cheap whiskey, and buffalo wings). Their music has been defined as a chaotic masterpiece that takes you on a crash-filled cross country drive. As the group began their set the audience split in two; one-half strictly there to see ETID and the others anxiously awaiting TBS. At one point during the band’s set frontman Keith Buckley mentioned the reason for Every Time I Die and Taking Back Sunday combining forces is purely out of friendship and good music. Although the two group’s sound is contrasting, many similarities can be found interwoven into each of their respected frameworks. Every Time I Die’s set was nothing short of hot, action packed, and alluring. The group performed notable tracks such as “The New Black”, “Decayin’ With the Boys”, and “The Coin Has A Say”.

Around 9:30 PM the lights dimmed for what would be the last yet largest act of the evening. Taking Back Sunday took the stage gallantly and without hesitation. The Long Island, NY quintet started the night with the track “Tidal Wave”, off the band’s latest album of the same name. The crowd’s reaction to the music was invigorating and prompted the release of confetti to be blasted throughout the venue. At one point during the night lead singer Adam Lazzara thanked the crowd for coming and cheered as he stated the show had sold out. He then thanked the two support bands for their musicianship as well as their intense friendships. Taking Back Sunday ended their set with the tracks “Better Homes and Gardens” and the ever so popular song “MakeDamnSure”.



Every Time I Die

Taking Back Sunday Setlist:

Tidal Wave
You Know How I Do
Error: Operator
You Can’t Look Back
Set Phasers to Stun
Flicker, Fade
Timberwolves at New Jersy
Call Come Running
Liar (It Takes One to Know One)
Death Wolf
One-Eighty by Summer
You’re So Last Summer
She (Green Day cover)
Everything Must Go
What’s It Feel LIke to Be a Ghost
A Decade Under the Influence
Cute Without the ‘E’ (Cut from the team)
Better Homes and Gardens