Falling Arrows

Falling Arrows, a project helmed by Los Angeles singer/songwriter and all-around musical guru Jayce Geesey is gaining momentum. Having released four demos in a self-titled EP a couple years back, Falling Arrows have returned boldly to the scene with their most refined track yet, “Burning Up”.

Begining with a constant beat from a floor drum, an airy synth, and a Los Feliz-toned guitar, the song’s instrumentals set the vibe for a warm and descriptive track. Jayce’s lyrics paint a beautiful picture: “The autumn burns with curbed desire when you slip off your dress. Your fingers set my skin on fire when we sway to your bed, dragging the close we shed”. Instantly, the listener’s brain can’t resist creating vivid imagery of Geesey’s expressive lyrics. Thematically, the song is about a couple drunk in love, falling for one another as the settings continue to change. If you own a convertible, take it to the back streets of Silverlake and Echo Park and blast this tune – it’s sure to cure any and all ailments. Fans of Swimming Tapes and Real Estate will fall victim to this track’s addictive tones and melody.

To listen to “Burning Up”, click below:

Falling Arrow’s full-length titled “The Other Side” is due out on March 1st. For more information, click here!