Sirens & Sailors

For the last 10 years, one name has stood out in Rochester’s music scene: Sirens & Sailors. The heavy-hitting rockers have seen tremendous success locally and nationally. They’re the embodiment of the hustle that comes with being a band. Their local headlining shows were always an event to look forward to. When it was announced that they would be headlining an end of the summer show at Anthology it felt like the breath of fresh air the scene needed.

Sirens & Sailors

Stacked with a solid local line up the show started early with a line and mass of people ready to get in. Death Won’t Hold kicked things off and made a solid impression followed by Citizens Against People who provided some punk vibes to the show. So Last Year added some diversity to the mix with their pop-punk stylings while Soma Slumber kept things heavy. Other standouts of the evening included REPS whose hardcore sounds kept the pit moving. Local band Nightmares recently back from the dead kept the heavy vibes up while throwing it back to 2011, setting the scene perfectly for the rest of the show.

Music scene veterans Such Gold were up next for direct support. The room was packed at this point. Full of old and new faces, Such Gold added to the nostalgic vibe the show had. Their blend of alternative pop-punk was the perfect balance to other bands of the night. They kept the energy up and pushed the Rochester music pride even more. Many of the bands in the line up felt like a classic local Rochester show. Something the scene had been lacking.

Sirens & Sailors

Sirens & Sailors had built hype and eager anticipation for their set and from the very start, they did not disappoint. Roaring riffs filled the room as the stage lit up. The band was as solid as they’d always been and brought energy to the crowd. Fans were moshing and yelling back every word. It had been over a full year since the band’s previous show at Bug Jar but seeing the turnout and crowd reaction it felt like no time had passed at all. It’s the definition of die-hard fans.

Sirens & Sailors

Sirens played a good mix of classics from their discography. The energy in the room was unreal as the band brought their all. Mixing energetic stage energy while still playing solid never missing a beat. Everything about the show felt like a Rochester show only bigger. It was truly a special night for Rochester and Sirens & Sailors.



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