The Shins

The Shins are releasing a new album this year. A ground-up reworking of last year’s Heartworms entitled The Worm’s Heart and due out January 19th. When the band recorded Heartworms, James Mercer was already formulating an alternate version of the album, an opposite version.

The first thing he did was reverse the track order. Then he stripped the songs down to their basic elements, lyrics and melody. Then he rebuilt each track differently. The songs are completely reborn. “Heartworms” is given a disco makeover with Moroder-style synths, and “Half a Million” is reworked into a reggae-tinged reboot.

Mercer explains his new take on “Dead Alive” in a press release, “The original version of ‘Dead Alive’ was right in the wheel house of tracks we had done before. It has the same triplet galloping rhythm as a number of Shins songs. So to ‘flip’ it we broke it down into more romantic elements like that dark piano and Patti’s violin, which I love. That’s me in the beginning knocking my beer off the console while mixing her! Oops! Listen for Casey’s sick fuzzed out solo.”

“Dead Alive (Flipped)” is the third track released from the new album, joining “Cherry Hearts (Flipped)” and “Name for You (Flipped).” “Name for You (Flipped)” was even accompanied by a music video directed by Zaiba Jabbar and featuring Transparent actress Trace Lysette.

Preorder your copy of The Worm’s Heart here, and you can immediately download “Dead Alive (Flipped),” “Cherry Hearts (Flipped),” and “Name for You (Flipped).” You can preorder a vinyl copy here.

It is not certain whether the Shins will be touring in support of this album, but keep your eyes peeled here for announcements.

Listen to “Dead Alive (Flipped)” below:

Check out the video for “Name for You (Flipped)” below: