Perturbator Verger

Synthwave deity Perturbator released an epic new video for his song “Verger (feat. Greta Link)” today. He has been teasing a new video on social media the last couple of days. This is a really surprising move, since the track actually appears on his last album, 2016’s The Uncanny Valley, and not his latest release the New Model EP.

It does not matter because the video is epic, mixing Blade Runner-esque visuals of a future Tokyo with an intriguing narrative filled with double crosses and chase scenes. Directors David Fitt and Federico Pelat set up a story about a mysterious chess piece that multiple parties are after, while a puppet master-like character pulls their strings watching as they turn on each other, eventually culminating in murder. Is the chess piece hiding something more valuable, or is it simply a MacGuffin, manipulating people for the sinister puppetmaster’s enjoyment?

The story is exciting, but the production value is astounding. The Neo Tokyo is filled with giant holographic billboards and skyscrapers so tall, they disappear into the sky. The mini movie has a decidedly cinematic feel, and really captures the concept of Neo Tokyo that has been building through the music over several albums. Perturbator portrays the malevolent puppetmaster, and you never see his face. He is hooded, much like when he plays live, preferring to work in the shadows, faceless.

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Strap in for an epic sci-fi journey and watch the “Verger” video below: