With today’s technology and fast-paced living, not many people take time to look up from their phones. Brisbane musician, Hazlett, is not one of those people, whose music is inspired by the everyday events of life, experiences garnered from relationship new and old, and someone who takes time to see the world around him. Locking himself away in a studio in Sweden, Hazlett has emerged with a classic sound, twisted with new age mentalities.

His single, “First World Problems”, differs from other songs he has released on Spotify which are more to towards acoustic. It begins with a soft note leading into gentle guitar, followed by the comforting voice that is Hazlett. The guitar stops and electric piano notes hit as he sings of his face glowing. The song was inspired by a trip he once took on a train where he noticed that people would sit and look at their phones, too nervous or not wanting to communicate with anyone around them. He explains,” We get scared of what we don’t understand, and it wouldn’t happen if we talked to each other more… It was a very small snapshot of a bigger problem.”

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“First World Problems” is only the beginning for this veteran ghostwriter turned solo act, who will definitely find an audience with his acoustic, sometimes electric sound, always accompanied by his soothing voice. Expect more insights into real life moments when Hazlett releases his EP.

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