Mr. Little Jeans delights a full house at The Teragram Ballroom


Tucked away in a quiet, dimly lit corner of downtown Los Angeles hails the music venue the Teragram Ballroom. Known for its inner aesthetics and sound system (which the in-house audio engineer takes incredibly seriously), the Teragram hosts a myriad of genres ranging from pop punk to death metal, where subsequently the crowds create cesspools upon the ceiling. Fortunately for anti-cesspool fans, Mr. Little Jeans graced the venue this past Saturday with her calm, tranquil, slow moving vibes.

Before the native Norwegian took the stage, Teragram patrons were treated to a sonic coma of chill-out beats by Los Angelino Trace. The soft-spoken vocalist is known for her tracks “Honey” and “Heavy Shoulders”, both of which were performed last night. Fans of Mr. Little Jeans quickly became enveloped in Trace’s innocent yet mature stage presence.

Shortly after 10PM Monica Birkenes aka Mr. Little Jeans wandered her way onto the nearly pitch dark stage. Following her were two men, one of which sat at the drum kit with the other taking his position on the keys. Playing a wide array of tracks from her discography, it was her most recent album Pocketknife which garnered the most attention and coverage. Performing the track “Oh Sailor”, Mr. Little Jeans encapsulated the audience with the song’s jelled, adolence vocals. Although there were no youngsters present during the performance, the sounds from the Silverlake Conservatory Of Music Youth Chorale echoed harmonouously throughout the venue. Mr. Little Jeans’ set ended with fan favorites “Good Mistake”, “Waking Up”, and the super popular cover of Arcade Fire’s “The Suburbs”.

Mr. Little Jeans is currently not touring. Expect to hear news of an upcoming tour after the 1st of the year. To stay updated, keep your eyes on her Facebook.