Modern Me

Modern Me, a fivesome based in our neighbor to the south, San Diego, has released a new track. Titled “Dead To Me”, the song marks the band’s return to the forefront of San Diego’s notorious music scene after releasing their breakout single “Waters” in early 2017.

The track begins with Adam Lamah’s vocals in a pleasant trance, shifting upwards for the occasion, fully warranted falsetto. With accents reminiscent of Panic! At The Disco, the track’s arrangement is friendly and familiar, yet the band does a notably well job of creating lasting riffs and impressive lyrics. Accompanying themes of family and love help whitecap this track to a new level of musicianship. With producer Adam Castilla of indie-pop band The Colourist helping to craft the track, the band, consisting of Adam Lamah, drummer Phoenyx Jones, bassist Adam O’Nan, and guitarists Michael Paez and Shawn Kreitz, is sure to find themselves looking into multiple tour offers and appearances in the coming months.

Read Adam’s quote to Earmilk below:

“Writing and tracking this song was so fun. Michael and I had already been working on the song for about a month by the time we brought it to our producer (Adam Castilla). We were sending him voice memos of updates we had on the track. We were in pre-production and I was sitting across from Castilla and he kept challenging me on the chorus; all of the sudden I just heard the melody in my head and I heard the words “Now you’re dead to me, now you’re dead to me, all of this emotion”. Tracking was a blast although unfortunately during a food run I got into a car crash with a postal service car. The magic moment that we had while tracking DTM definitely has to be when it came to tracking the lead part for the bridge. Castilla hit record and told Shawn to just go for it. Shawn came up with that lead on the spot and it’s probably my favorite part on the song.”

Listen to “Dead To Me” below:

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Watch the music video for “Dead To Me” below! The video was directed by producer Adam Castilla.