IRONTOM talks about “Hookers” plus being invited on the road with RHCP


Founded on April 1st, 1945 (according to their Facebook profile), IRONTOM and their band members look mighty good for their age. Sure, maybe a few gray hairs here and there but overall it seems all members are as limber as a dishrag. Originating from Los Angeles, CA, IRONTOM have constructed a local and loyal fan base. With the 2015 release of IRONTOM Complilation, the band mashed up “Feel Good Inc, originally released by Gorillaz, to sound like a super melodic rock track. On “In the Day and the Dark,” the band becomes somber, electing to illustrate their caliginous side, still boasting their ability to write an extremely catchy tune.

But that was 2015. Here in 2017 the competition for radio play, tours, and life itself is at its all-time high; cutthroat and straight-up murderous. Luckily for IRONTOM their future looks bright. Having just released a new track titled “Hookers” to critical acclaim, the band announced a short while ago they’ll be hitting the road with mega-stars Red Hot Chili Peppers in May; 2017 won’t be sucking for IRONTOM.

We caught with lead vocalist Harry Hayes via the interweb to talk about the upcoming tour, hookers, and guilty pleasures:

GSM: What does it mean to a band like IRONTOM to join the Red Hot Chili Peppers tour?

HH: It means we’re gonna be living one of our childhood dreams. We’ve been inspired and moved by their music since before we were even musicians. They’ve always been one of our favorite bands and we are so proud that they have invited us to support them.

GSM: In a world where bands now tour more than ever to make a living, what does an opportunity like this mean to IRONTOM?

HH: As you can imagine, this is enormous opportunity for our band. Up until this point, touring and opening for other bands has been the most effective way for us to earn fans. With the [Red Hot] Chili Peppers, we’re going to be playing to around 15,000 people every night. So with every city we go to with them, we’re getting the chance to introduce ourselves and our music to a much greater number of people then we usually do.

GSM: The single “Hookers’ is the first taste for some of IRONTOM, with such a great and strong song right out of the gates for the record, what can your new fans expect from the rest of the songs?

HH: One thing we can say is that the album can’t really be summed up by one or two of its songs. Every song is its own character with its own unique stature and personality. Some songs are heavy, some are dark, some are tender, and a couple are brutal throwdowns. We’re proud that this album is such a collection of different colors and textures.

GSM: Drawing from new and old what musical influences and motivations did the band have going into making this record to arrive at these songs?

HH: We have a few bands that basically inspire us at all times. Zeppelin, the Beatles, the Arctic Monkeys, RHCP. The spirit of these bands are with us anytime we’re are creating music.

GSM: What are some of your current guilty pleasure records?

HH: We don’t really feel guilty listening to any of the music we like. Lately we’ve been into the ‘Best of Bill Withers,’ the latest Iggy Pop album, ‘Post Pop Depression’ (produced by Josh Homme), ‘Art Angels’ by Grimes, and basically most songs by James Brown and Bob Marley. Also, Leonard Cohen’s ‘You Want it Darker.’

GSM: Having made some of the rounds before, what are some of your favorite spots to visit on tour?

HH: Honestly, everywhere we’ve been had been pretty awesome. We love NY, Chicago, Atlanta, Austin, Denver, Seattle…St Petersburg was fun both times we’ve played there. It’s too difficult to pick a favorite!

GSM: What has been the best tour memory thus far for IRONTOM?

HH: We have a lot of fun touring with AWOLNATION. Those guys are like our brothers. On the last show of the Run 2.0 tour in Philadelphia they surprised us by coming onstage in crazy costumes during our set. They just danced around like freaks and the audience went nuts. Aaron was dressed as Mitt Romney and Isaac was the Green man from Always Sunny. It was marvelous. Also, we’ve had a brilliant time touring with Finish Ticket. We ate a lot of breakfast with those dogs.

GSM: Is IRONTOM a fan of sports? Comic books or regular books? What are you guys into outside of music?

HH: Our drummer Dyl is a crazy sports buff. He’s basically good at any sport that involves points. He’s a diehard Raiders fan.

GSM: Who were some of your role models and idols growing up?

HH: Bob Dylan, the Beatles, Jack Irons, John Frusciante.

GSM: After the RHCP run, what is next for IRONTOM?

HH: More rocking!

For a full list of tour dates, click here!