Don Broco Live

British rock sensations Don Broco announced their third album, Technology, today, due out via SharpTone Records in early 2018. The band has released a video for “Stay Ignorant” in celebration of the announcement. The video documents Don Broco’s appearances at both the Reading and Leeds Festivals. At both the band advertised themselves as “The Prettyboys” and played smaller stages, where diehard fans figured out the ruse.

Don Broco also announced a 8-bit, Nintendo-style video game entitled TECHNOLOGY: THE VIDEO GAME. In it, players can choose which band member to play as, as they fight their way out of Alexandria Palace and onto the streets of London, while blasting an invading alien horde. The game features an 8-bit remix of “Technology” by DJ AZODi.

Don Broco will give away a series of exclusive prizes to U.S. fans who score within the Top 10 on the game’s leader board. Those within the Top 10 will receive a T-shirt signed by the band, the Top 3 will receive a lifetime pair of tickets to the band’s shows in any U.S. city of their choice, and the No. 1 player will receive all of the above plus a signed merch bundle, exclusive signed 7” disc and a meet-and-greet with the band.

Don Broco is touring the UK right now, including their Alexandria Palace headlining show on November 11th. Check out current tour dates here.

Play TECHNOLOGY: THE VIDEO GAME here. Listen to the “Technology” remix here.

Buy your own copy of “Stay Ignorant” here.

Watch the video for “Technology” below:

Just in time for Halloween, watch the disturbing “Pretty” video:

Watch the new video for “Stay Ignorant:”