Courtney Barnett Fields

Courtney Barnett released a video on her Twitter page teasing new music and a possible new album entitled Tell Me How You Really Feel. The video shows Barnett walking around a soundstage picking up various instruments and playing snippets of new music.

She starts off on drums, playing offbeat percussion and singing “Let it Swallow You.” She moves to acoustic guitar singing a hook, “I take a little time out from me.” She slides over to piano, playing a melody and singing “Waking up to another dismal day.” She finishes on electric guitar, playing a fuzzy lick and singing, “I’m not your mother/I’m not your bitch/I hear you mutter under your breath/put up of shut up/It’s all the same/It’s all the same never change/Never change.”

The video ends with a link to her site, which you can visit here. If you follow the link, the page opens with a chance for you to put in a message (250 characters maximum) and your email. It looks like Courtney Barnett might actually be asking for listener feedback, “Tell Me How You Really Feel.” In the legal section, it says anything submitted to the site may be republished. So you may find your remarks a part of the new album!

Barnett’s last release was 2017’s Lotta Sea Lice, a collaboration with Philadelphia’s own Kurt Vile. This could be the first solo release from Barnett since 2005’s breakthrough, Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit.

Courtney has a few live festival dates announced, starting in April. You can buy tickets here. Expect to hear new music at these dates!

Buy a copy of Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit on Special Edition orange vinyl here.

Watch the Twitter video below: