Album Review: Russian Circles – ‘Guidance’


Russian Circles latest full length LP, titled Guidance, is a masterpiece and portal into the imagination that eclipses their previous works. It is the band’s first studio project since 2013’s extremely dark-themed Memorial. The nature of instrumental music itself provides a unique experience for the listener to create their own customized tableau of interpretation. The three piece group from Chicago created an album in Guidance which plays almost like a movie soundtrack, it is extremely emotional and gripping especially considering there are zero lyrics in any of the seven songs.

The trio’s early work, while good, seemed as though at times the individual members were quite keen on displaying their exceptional musical talents. The past couple albums have developed an emotion-invoking musical style that has blossomed beautifully on Guidance and is fully apparent on the very first track. Drummer Dave Turncrantz and guitarist Mike Sullivan still display their instrumental mastery, and the band as a whole has executed nearly to perfection in the song composition on this LP. Each of the seven tracks feel exceptionally distinct, unique and still cohesive. It is incredibly natural during excerpts from Guidance to invoke such vivid imagery, epic and monumental scenes were conjured in my mind constantly. Several tracks, such as “Overboard” and “Asa” sound that there is extreme consequences of the actions occurring. It’s almost as if Russian Circles have given a template to an amazing story for the listener to finish in their own minds.

Russian Circles will be preforming this Saturday, September 3rd with support from Cloakroom at the Teragram Ballroom in Los Angeles, CA. For tickets click here.